NDA Toolkit
Save both time and money with this customizable template
that has step-by-step guidance to help you protect your confidential information.

NDA toolkit Frequently Asked Questions:


What's an NDA?

An NDA (or Non-Disclosure Agreement) is a legal agreement in which the parties agree not to disclose certain information that is shared by one party with another.  A well-drafted one will often include a restriction on use, meaning that the parties will only be able to use the confidential information for a specific “purpose” (e.g., an upcoming collaboration or partnership) and not for any other reason.  This document may also be referred to as a Confidentiality Agreement or Proprietary Information Agreement.

What does an NDA include?

An NDA typically includes (1) a definition of what constitutes confidential information, (2) exclusions from the definition (i.e. what won’t be considered confidential), (3) detailed recipient obligations, (4) the time period for disclosures, (5) the time period for confidentiality obligations, (6) required actions once the agreement expires or is terminated, (7) types of permitted disclosures, and (8) standard legal provisions (including disclaimers, limitations on assignment, and governing law).

Do I need an NDA?

An NDA is recommended in any situation in which you’ll be sharing non-public, confidential or proprietary information with another person or company.  It may help to ask yourself, “Would I care if they shared this information with someone else or made it public?”  If your answer is yes, then it’s important to have an NDA in place.  An NDA probably isn’t needed, however, if that information has already been made public (e.g., is included on your website or other marketing materials).

How do I get an NDA?

You can hire an attorney to draft one for you — who will usually need to learn more about your business, the specific engagement and the anticipated disclosures of confidential information in order to customize the agreement for your needs. Or continue reading to learn about a more efficient and cost-effective alternative.

Is there an easier way?

There is now!  After drafting numerous NDAs for clients, we’ve created an NDA Toolkit — designed to allow you to customize an NDA that fits your specific circumstances.

Can you tell me more about the NDA Toolkit?

Absolutely!  It has two parts: (1) an Instructions & Tips document, and (2) an NDA Template document with comments in the margins to help you understand the various provisions of a standard NDA and customize the agreement to fit your particular business transaction.

Can I get a sneak peek?

Can the NDA Toolkit be used more than once?

Yes! The template can be used over and over again depending on your situation.  For example, you can use one version with a collaboration partner and a different version with an independent contractor.  The comments will guide you through the changes to make in each instance.

But please note that, once purchased, the NDA Toolkit is provided only for your own business purposes and can’t be shared with others.

What if I'm not located in North Carolina?

The law regarding confidentiality obligations may differ from state to state and the NDA Toolkit has been drafted with North Carolina law in mind.  If you’re not located in North Carolina and you use the NDA Toolkit as a starting point, we would recommend having it reviewed by a local attorney as well.

How much does it cost?

Just $95!  That’s considerably less than how much it would typically cost to hire an attorney to draft it for you — and you can use it as many times as you’d like!

What about those other low-cost NDA templates?

They’re out there.  And there are two main problems with them:

(1) Although they may claim to be customizable, that’s usually only with regard to simple modifications (e.g., names, locations, dates).  The NDA Toolkit actually guides you through the legal provisions and substantive changes that you should make to protect your confidential information for different business engagements.

(2) We’ve had several clients tell us that they’ve been hit with a heavy amount of spam after using these types of services.  In other words, it seems like they make money from selling your contact information.  See below to learn how Liles Law is different.

What will you use my email address for?

To email you a copy of the NDA Toolkit.  That’s it.  You won’t be added to our mailing list unless you specifically request it.  And we will never sell, distribute or otherwise provide your information to anyone else.

Do I need special software to use the NDA Toolkit?

Nothing too fancy.  Just a PDF-reader and Microsoft Word.

How can I get this awesome product?

Click the link below to get started!  Once payment is processed, you’ll be sent an email with the NDA Toolkit.

So are you my attorney?

No, please see the Liles Law Disclaimer for more information.  If you have additional legal needs, let’s chat to see if Liles Law can help you out.  But there is no attorney-client relationship established unless and until we sign an engagement letter.

More questions?  Just email info@liles-law.com and we’ll help you out.